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Perfect combination of tetron and cotton, long lasting durability and real comfort. Ideal for Instructors, excellent choice for competitors.

  • Easy to clean, long lasting whiteness

  • No shrinking

  • Antibacterial material for the clean and fresh feeling

  • Close fitting, never get loose

Shobu Bishamonten (TC) - complete karategi

  • If you don't have any special requests/no embroideries needed, just write no changes in that section.

    Name embroideries

    If you chose to get your uniform with a name embroidery, you should write your name in that section, we'll embroider it with katakana-s on the uniform. You can write katakana or kanji yourself, then we'll use your version of course. If you do not write your name in there, your uniform will come without a name embroidery.

    Chest embroideries

    If you choose to have a chest embroidery, Japan Karate Association (JKA) patch we offer for the default price. If you'd like us to create a special embroidery for you, choose the "other" option, that has an extra cost for creating your design. Please send us the required logo by email to


    All uniforms come with a Shobu label by default. If you'd like to change it, write in what label you'd like us to apply. We have Japan Karate Association (JKA), Shito-kai and Wado-kai labels at the moment but you can request another - in case we won't have that, you'll receive it with a Shobu label.